The Party Mind Reader

Are you looking for the vital ingredient that can transform your party, wedding or corporate event from the mundane to the magical?

Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when one of the UK’s most exciting mind magicians literally reads their thoughts, influences their choices, and predicts their future!

Imagine transforming your party or corporate dinner into an unforgettable event that becomes a talking point for years afterwards, breaking the ice with a bang and providing an evening to remember forever.


Perceptionist Harrison Richards duplicates unseen drawings, predicts people’s actions and reveals the names they are thinking of – all using the power of the mind. His skills will amaze and delight your guests – taking them on a journey into the unknown that will leave people genuinely open mouthed in amazement.


As well as performing close-up psychic entertainment at corporate events and delighting after dinner guests with his mind reading, Harrison also performs at a variety of other places, including student balls, private parties, trade shows and more.

His mind reading skills, coupled with his experience and technique as an entertainer, set him apart from any other performer on the market. To get a taste of his talents, take a look at his mind reading videos, or read what some very satisfied customers have to say on the mind reader reviews page.

To discuss how Harrison’s talents as a corporate entertainer, party and wedding mind reader can transform your event, contact him directly on 07752 335379 or via email on If you’re already convinced, simply call the mind reader hotline on 0845 302 6459 and book him today!

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